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Media matters for minorities

The youth dismantling harmful stereotypes about minority ethnic communities, with support from UNDP Thailand and the EU.  

Digital Transformation, Youth and Parliaments: A New Journey in Asia

Among the lessons that this pandemic taught us about governance, besides magnifying the importance of empathy and trust, is that accountability, agility and digital technologies are truly vital to…  

COVID-19: Nobody is safe until everyone is safe

Almost a year ago, we witnessed the first recorded cases of COVID-19. Since then the virus has devastated communities, systems and economies.  

Women Peacebuilders in Parliaments: the Opportunities and Pitfalls of Online Engagement

Although women engage on social media more than men, they are also significantly more likely to experience online hate speech and harassment. Those in high-visibility and leadership roles are…  

Sharing for Change: Observations from the Roundabouts of Learning

The most remarkable result of my internship is, that it has exponentially further increased my curiosity towards the questions around the means of assessing the short- and long-term results of…  

Coinciding crises: how COVID-19 and climate change are putting pressure on health systems worldwide – and how we can prepare for the future

It is hard to believe that in a few short months, it will be a year since we were first introduced to COVID-19.  

How can small islands reimagine tourism for a green recovery

The global travel ban has decimated many countries' economies.  

From arms to farms, from revolution to reformation in the Philippines

For those who were heroes to their communities but enemies of the state for the longest time, it provides a profound moment of transition. Instead of seeing themselves as being disarmed and left to…  

Eight months in, we need three wins: Vaccine, Digital and Renewables

While we knew close to nothing about this Coronavirus eight months ago, we now have a clearer idea about what it is, how it strikes and what needs to be done.  

Thinking fast and slow in times of crisis

The call came through the cold of winter, sudden and unexpected. Schools are closed, said my son on the phone, and asked me to pick him up immediately.  

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