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Bangladesh Peace Observatory

The Bangladesh Peace Observatory (BPO), established by UNDP Bangladesh presents reliable, structured, and accessible open-source data to inform research and effectively engage on relevant policy…  

4 ways vulnerable people are left behind during the COVID-19 digital transformation—and how to address it

The MAVG, or Mapping and Analysis of Vulnerable Groups, was implemented in the Philippines as part of the DX4Resilience project  

Why truly smart cities are crucial for development: How Tehran is exploring technology and innovation to improve urban lives and livelihoods

How Tehran is exploring technology and innovation to improve urban lives and livelihoods  

Bicycling in Bangkok: Clean Air and the Right to Health

"The skies are clear and purple-tinted as the morning sun washes out the remains of the evening. The toxic haze that blanketed the city a few months ago seems like a distant memory."  

Letter from Delhi

I watched the last sunset of 2020 in Agra, the city known to host the beautiful Taj Mahal. If the warm orange sun reflected my fervent wish to welcome a new year, the haze may have been a prescient…  

Youth is a mindset that we must all embrace to fight climate change

Who is a youth climate activist? Do they need to be below the age of 20? How about 25? Does climate advocacy have to be their singular passion and lifelong career?  

The art of portfolio development: building a movement

This is the second blog in the series documenting our learnings as part of our regional initiative around plastic pollution and transition to a circular economy.  

Nudging the way towards advancing gender equality

51.8 minutes a day. That’s how long men on average spent on unpaid care work in India as compared to 351.9 minutes spent by women. The disproportionate burden of unpaid care work carried out by women…  

Business and human rights; what to expect from a 10-year-old

One of the main achievements of the last decade has been shifting the narrative from corporate social responsibility to business and human rights.  

Time for Sensemaking 3.0? The potential of AI-powered portfolio analytics to drive impact

The Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) and UNDP Philippines explored the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve UNDP sensemaking process.  

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