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From arms to farms, from revolution to reformation in the Philippines

For those who were heroes to their communities but enemies of the state for the longest time, it provides a profound moment of transition. Instead of seeing themselves as being disarmed and left to…  

Eight months in, we need three wins: Vaccine, Digital and Renewables

While we knew close to nothing about this Coronavirus eight months ago, we now have a clearer idea about what it is, how it strikes and what needs to be done.  

Thinking fast and slow in times of crisis

The call came through the cold of winter, sudden and unexpected. Schools are closed, said my son on the phone, and asked me to pick him up immediately.  

Reminiscing as a way of looking forward to 2030

The development path is never easy but if I have learned one key lesson in my first year here, it is the resilience of the people of Nepal. Working with some of them, has shown me that there is no…  

The case for a universal basic income

It's time to add a new element to the policy packages that governments are introducing.  

A “new possible” for justice after COVID-19: towards digital, open and inclusive courts

The current crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, not only a health crisis, but a socio-economic one, poses tremendous threats to our lives and communities, yet at the same time opens up avenues…  

COVID-19 amplifying inequalities for transgender people

As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, countries around Asia and the Pacific began locking down. The roll-out of COVID-19 measures and the realization of imminent massive economic shocks have brought…  

Is there a Vaccine against Stigma?

As a warrior against discrimination and stigma against people with disabilities, I clearly see how the Coronavirus – even as it claims lives and inflicts hardship - is dividing our flat world into…  

Forging Ahead in an Era of “Physical Distancing” 

Anticipating a longer duration of “physical distancing” we streamlined business processes and simultaneously began boosting the use of technology across all programme units and staff. This was vital…  

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