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Thailand’s social entrepreneurs reinvent business-models, learn from mentors, to cope with COVID-19 slowdown

UNDP is leveraging its unique global network to support Thai social entrepreneurs by connecting them with more established counterparts abroad.  

Beach Cleanup: Surveying marine pollution on Timor Leste's south coast

A UNDP study of the sources and distribution of marine pollution during August and September found that the south coast was Timor Leste's most vulnerable area to the impacts of climate change and…  

Laos and the Deadly Legacy of a War

Laos has been left with the unfortunate plight of being the most bombed country per capita, even though it was not involved in the Viet Nam war.  

Innovative Solar Mini-grids Project set to Bring Relief and Hope to Afghanistan Amid COVID-19 Crisis

A new UNDP project approved by the Green Climate Fund will lay the foundations for Afghanistan’s mini-grids market  

In Fiji, a psychosocial helpline during COVID-19 brings relief to the vulnerable

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is far more than just a health crisis: it has shaken societies and economies to their core. Each individual is dealing with their own crises.  

Ensuring uninterrupted HIV, TB and malaria services in the time of COVID-19

The health community in the Western Pacific is adapting to make sure vulnerable populations are not left behind  

Prepare To Win in Sri Lanka - Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness

After the 2004 Tsunami, Sri Lanka is committed to keeping investing in awareness and preparedness as an effective way to save lives.  

Social and Economic Impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Asia-Pacific

COVID-19 = Health Crisis + Economic Crisis Discover here the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and how we need to respond to it.  

‘Keeping ourselves safe from malaria’

How long-lasting insecticidal nets are bringing Vanuatu ever closer to being malaria-free  

Global Fund investments in Afghanistan’s medical labs prove vital in COVID-19 response

As the world copes with one of the most catastrophic pandemics of modern times, laboratory services and testing capabilities are proving to be most critical in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak.  

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