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Regional Guide for Schools to Prepare for Tsunamis

The Regional Guide is intended to provide practical guidance to school administration on how to prepare for and respond to a tsunami risk.  

Using open space technology for an inclusive development process in Malaysia

Redesigning an inclusive future in Malaysia using ‘open space technology’ to guide transparent, botton-up consultations, allowing inputs into policy and decision-making by relevant stakeholders and…  

Paving the way towards judicial excellence in Malaysia

The workshop which marked the first ever collaboration between the Malaysian judiciary and UNDP, provided an opportunity to discuss the findings from a comprehensive consultation within the judiciary…  

Denied Work – An audit of employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity in South-East Asia

This report is the first research project on such a scale examining discrimination against trans people seeking employment in the region.  

Legal Gender Recognition: A Multi-Country Legal and Policy Review in Asia

This report, Legal Gender Recognition: A Multi-Country Legal and Policy Review in Asia, undertakes a comprehensive review of existing laws, policies and practices related to legal gender recognition…  

Strengthening School Preparedness for Tsunami in Asia and the Pacific

UNDP with support from the Government of Japan implemented a regional initiative to strengthen tsunami awareness and preparedness in 18 Asia-Pacific countries.  

South-East Asia Regional Economic Integration and Cooperation

This Report looks into regional economic integration and broader regional cooperation in the South-East Asia context and examines how to deepen and broaden the benefits gained from such integration…  

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