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Bicycling in Bangkok: Clean Air and the Right to Health

"The skies are clear and purple-tinted as the morning sun washes out the remains of the evening. The toxic haze that blanketed the city a few months ago seems like a distant memory."  

Healthcare at your fingertips – the story of Linecare

In a world accelerating toward more and more connectivity, a team of youth from Asia-Pacific is harnessing that connection through digital technology to provide healthcare for everyone - healthcare at…  

20 Mobile HealthCare Teams Continue to Provide Essential Health Services to People in Need in Afghanistan

In the last few weeks, thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) flanked to Kabul from different parts of the country, especially from the north and north-eastern provinces as the conflict…  

Letter from Delhi

I watched the last sunset of 2020 in Agra, the city known to host the beautiful Taj Mahal. If the warm orange sun reflected my fervent wish to welcome a new year, the haze may have been a prescient…  

A New Digital System Drives Bhutan's COVID-19 Vaccination Success

In just one week, Bhutan successfully rolled out the second dose of its national COVID-19 vaccine campaign to more than 60 percent of its population, making this remote country the second most…  

Side Event HLPF - Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leaving No Country Behind

Kanni Wignaraja's remarks at the "Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leaving No Country Behind" side event of the High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development.  

Fighting COVID-19 surges in South Asia

As wealthy countries expand their vaccination programmes and begin to emerge from lockdown, a second deadly wave of the virus has hit South Asia.  

Digital technology can be a gamechanger in emergency health response

At the end of every day, health worker Amrit Kaur uses her smartphone to log in details of vaccines utilized and those in stock for immunization. Her smartphone app helps her manage the vaccine stocks…  

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities – a neglected priority in the response to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing serious concerns about access to knowledge and services for people with disabilities.  

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