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Alluvione: Girl power to combat floods in Indonesia

All-Women Team at Hackathon Fest 2021 Develops a Solution to Help Safeguard Vulnerable Communities from Future Flooding  

4 ways vulnerable people are left behind during the COVID-19 digital transformation—and how to address it

The MAVG, or Mapping and Analysis of Vulnerable Groups, was implemented in the Philippines as part of the DX4Resilience project  

UNDP and the Japan Bosai Platform work together to Accelerate Digitalization in Disaster Risk Reduction for Vulnerable Groups

Under the DX4Resilience project funded by the Government of Japan, UNDP, in partnership with the Japan Bosai Platform (JBP), launched a joint initiative to boost vulnerable groups’ resilience to…  

Part 2 - Recovery through Resilient Livelihoods: The Fisherfolks of Isla Manaet

In January 2021, two months after Rolly and Ulysses, UNDP was tapped by the Provincial Government to assist in rehabilitating livelihoods in severely affected areas in Albay.  

Recovery through Resilient Livelihoods: The Fisherfolks of Isla Manaet

When 64-year old fisher Julian Bata and his wife woke up in the wee hours of the morning on November 1, 2020, they were drawn into sharp consciousness by the violent howling of the wind against their…  

From Disaster to Opportunity: How Japan is leading tsunami preparedness in Asia and the Pacific

Experience is inevitable to make us better. 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we look back on what we learned from the disaster.  

As the 2004 tsunami remains only in memory, Thailand scales up school preparedness

Exactly 16 years ago on what began as a regular Sunday morning, Ban Bangak school, in beautiful Phang Nga province in Thailand, was quiet. The students were at home and some teachers were marking a…  

Tsunami Evacuation during COVID-19: A Guide for School Administrators

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to disaster preparedness and response. In view of this, UNDRR and UNDP have developed this Guide for School Administrators, based on best practices…  


UNDP, in partnership with the Government of Japan, is undertaking a new project, DX4Resilience to strengthen disaster risk reduction and recovery by improving digitalization of disaster data through…  

Prepare To Win in Sri Lanka - Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness

After the 2004 Tsunami, Sri Lanka is committed to keeping investing in awareness and preparedness as an effective way to save lives.  

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