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From Disaster to Opportunity: How Japan is leading tsunami preparedness in Asia and the Pacific

Experience is inevitable to make us better. 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we look back on what we learned from the disaster.  

As the 2004 tsunami remains only in memory, Thailand scales up school preparedness

Exactly 16 years ago on what began as a regular Sunday morning, Ban Bangak school, in beautiful Phang Nga province in Thailand, was quiet. The students were at home and some teachers were marking a…  


UNDP, in partnership with the Government of Japan, is undertaking a new project, DX4Resilience to strengthen disaster risk reduction and recovery by improving digitalization of disaster data through…  

Asia-Pacific Urban Programme

Making cities inclusive, sustainable, resilient and safe is critical to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNDP uses its comparative advantage, expertise and…  

Prepare To Win in Sri Lanka - Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness

After the 2004 Tsunami, Sri Lanka is committed to keeping investing in awareness and preparedness as an effective way to save lives.  

Social and Economic Impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Asia-Pacific

COVID-19 = Health Crisis + Economic Crisis Discover here the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and how we need to respond to it.  

Gender, Disability and Disaster Risk Reduction: The Role of Intersectional Leadership on DRR

Natural Aceh is an organization based in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, supported by N-Peace initiative, that works on increasing the visibility of Women, Peace and Security advocates.  

Asia-Pacific marks 2019 World Tsunami Awareness Day

2019 World Tsunami Awareness Day focused on the importance of disaster-resilient infrastructure, early warning and education.  

#PrepareToWin: tsunami awareness saves lives

PrepareToWin is the new global advocacy campaign of the partnership between UNDP and Government of Japan on 'Strengthening school preparedness for Tsunamis in Asia Pacific'.  

Regional Guide for Schools to Prepare for Tsunamis

The Regional Guide is intended to provide practical guidance to school administration on how to prepare for and respond to a tsunami risk.  

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