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Bangladesh Peace Observatory

The Bangladesh Peace Observatory (BPO), established by UNDP Bangladesh presents reliable, structured, and accessible open-source data to inform research and effectively engage on relevant policy…  

Reporting Business and Human Rights: A Handbook for Journalists, Communicators and Campaigners

This handbook is intended to be practical, and aimed at working journalists, and programme-makers working in any media.  

New Human Rights Due Diligence training materials released to help businesses ensure human rights are respected

UNDP launched new Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) training materials and tools today to help businesses prevent, mitigate, and account for potential human rights abuses in their operations and…  

Human Rights Due Diligence Training Facilitation Guide

This Training Facilitation Guide provides training modules which clarify what is required to conduct human rights due diligence.  

Bicycling in Bangkok: Clean Air and the Right to Health

"The skies are clear and purple-tinted as the morning sun washes out the remains of the evening. The toxic haze that blanketed the city a few months ago seems like a distant memory."  

Level-up development? Game on.

From behaviour science to preventing violent extremism, UNDP explores the possibilities and limitations of digital development's newest trend.  

“Not cool, bro!” Meet the youth activists tackling digital misogyny

Catcalling. Revenge porn. Toxic masculinity. These influencers from Sri Lanka and the Maldives decided to do something about it.  

Business and human rights; what to expect from a 10-year-old

One of the main achievements of the last decade has been shifting the narrative from corporate social responsibility to business and human rights.  

Global Value Chains will be vital for economic recovery despite early setback during the pandemic

Asia-Pacific economies have considerable experience in GVC in a range of sectors. Standout examples include transport equip­ment, electronics, and textiles and apparel.  

UNDP, EU, youth leaders launch campaigns for digital peace

Congratulating the achievements of young creators, changemakers, and connectors from Sri Lanka and the Maldives who have successfully completed the “United Creatives” programme.  

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