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The art of portfolio development: building a movement

This is the second blog in the series documenting our learnings as part of our regional initiative around plastic pollution and transition to a circular economy.  

Not waste management alone: Why a Circular Economy is the only realistic way to tackle Asia’s rising mountains of waste

The landfill in Viet Nam’s Da Nang city represents a larger Asian story. With the city’s waste growing by 16% every year, the landfill capacity is being used up faster than city authorities imagined.  

The Tale of Four Elements: Nurturing a Circular Economy Portfolio

Our regional initiative was conceived as an experiment to apply a systemic and portfolio design methods to better understand and act upon the issue of plastic pollution and circular economy Asia and…  

Rethinking government in a post-pandemic world

Covid-19 has been an important and timely test for governance systems around the world, emphasizing need for acceleration of new governance models. In just the past year, governments have had to adapt…  

At a Pivot Point: From System Thinking to System Doing

The Regional Innovation Centre Asia-Pacific is engaging in an ambitious undertaking by applying a systemic design approach for seeding new ways of thinking and acting in response to the plastic waste…  

The System Shift: Frames, Energies and Experiments

Our journey in search of policies and investments that will drive system-level change around the challenge of waste is under way. As a reminder, our interest is in moving beyond single entry point…  

Making a Dent: Plastic Waste and Circular Economies

A new UNDP and Alberta Energy initiative is exploring how a different way of thinking, informed by systemic design, and spanning two continents, might be able to accelerate progress on the waste…  

UNDP unveils nationwide campaign to combat single-use plastics, with partners Plan B Media and Dentsu Thailand

An advocacy video urging consumers to adopt alternatives to plastic bags and disposable cups and straws went live on more than 300 digital billboards across the country on August 23, including…  

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