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Poverty-Environment Action

UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals focuses on deepening and broadening poverty-environment mainstreaming and aligning finance and investment with poverty,…  

Bicycling in Bangkok: Clean Air and the Right to Health

"The skies are clear and purple-tinted as the morning sun washes out the remains of the evening. The toxic haze that blanketed the city a few months ago seems like a distant memory."  

The System Shift: Frames, Energies and Experiments

Our journey in search of policies and investments that will drive system-level change around the challenge of waste is under way. As a reminder, our interest is in moving beyond single entry point…  

Innovation Behind the Wheel

Our journey is the story of taking a GEF funded project for fuel cell buses and scaling it up, introducing the hydrogen economy across several cities in China.  

Tourists in Mongolia Get a Nudge to Litter Less in Nature

The latest statistics from the local government database show that around 120,000 Mongolians and more than 20,000 international tourists visited the park in 2016. And those numbers are rising by…  

Shelter From the Storm: Why Flood and Storm Resilient Housing Is Key to Sustainable Development in Viet Nam

Typhoon Damrey ripped through central Viet Nam. More than 100 people lost their lives, while more than 130,000 homes were damaged.  

Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

This report shares UNDP’s approach to innovation and showcases over 40 case studies of innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Burning Bright: UNDP and GEF in the Tiger Landscape

This publication highlights the unique contribution of ten GEF financed, UNDP supported projects in six tiger range countries (Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand), demonstrating…  

Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

This publication showcases the ground-breaking work that has taken place in recent years in this vast and disparate region to conserve land, water and ocean resources while adapting to climate change,…  

Bhutan continues to face the risk of glacial lake flooding

he peace of mind that the project brought to the people living in the valleys below the glacier is immeasurable, but for how much longer? There are more than 20 glacial lakes in Bhutan alone that are…  

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