UNDP Asia Pacific Gender Equality Dispatch Issue 2

May 23, 2018


Inside this newsletter, you will find five original articles from the Bangkok Regional Hub, featuring the work of country office work-flows in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Viet Nam, and the Solomon Islands, highlighting the ways in which UNDP programmes in the region cross-cut gender equality mainstreaming efforts, or ensure women's empowerment to accelerate sustainable development.  



  • Religious Leaders Challenge Gendered Misconceptions in Afghanistan
  • Collaborating against Violence: Bhutan's Research Support Holistic Violence Prevention and Response
  • Gender and Forced Marriage: Cambodian Women are Left Trapped after Being Tricked into Marrying Men Overseas
  • Communities in Fiji Gain Gender Equality Awareness and Access Services
  • Tech as a Tool for Empowerment: Building Digital Literacy, Self-Belief, and Gender Equality in India and Myanmar
  • Women Entrepreneurs Contribute to National Economic Stability in Indonesia
  • Tribal Women Achieving Sustainable Peace in the Solomon Islands
  • Empowering Ethnic Minority Women in Viet Nam to Become Poverty Reduction and Community Development Change Makers 


  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution Could Smash Gender Inequality - or Deepen It by Valerie Cliff


  • In Adapting to Climate Change, Gender is on the Global Agenda by Mari Tomova
  • No Gender Equality, No SDGs by Haruka Tsumori


Koh Miyaoi, Regional Gender Adviser, koh.miyaoi@undp.org

Mailee Osten-Tan, Gender Equality Communications Consultant, mailee.ostentan@undp.org

Mahtab Haider, Communications Specialist, mahtab.haider@undp.org  

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