Justice in Times of COVID-19

The objective of the webinar is to provide a space for peer exchange and learning among members of the Judicial Integrity Network in ASEAN in this difficult time. Representatives from judiciaries will discuss how courts in ASEAN have adapted operations, the challenges and successes thereof, to ensure access to justice, transparency and fair trials for citizens during the pandemic, especially for victims of GBV and other vulnerable groups. Addressing how to evolve and enhance the courts capabilities to emerge better equipped from this crisis would also be central to the session.

Webinar recording available here.

Gender Equality and Judicial Integrity

Date: To be confirmed

This webinar will reflect on the intersection between gender equality and judicial integrity, and in particular how best to address phenomena such as sexual harassment and sextortion in the courts. Ensuring that courts are free from sexual harassment, bullying and sextortion is deeply rooted in the six core values of Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct, but recent research suggests that a more targeted focus is required.  More broadly, ensuring that courts provide an environment that ensures judicial integrity for both women and men is related to the wider issue of promoting gender equality in the judiciary and ensuring the equal participation of women and men at every level of judiciaries.   This webinar, informed by recent research, will reflect on what courts can do to provide effective responses.

Role of Judiciaries to Uphold the Rule of Law

Webinar in collaboration with the World Justice Project (WJP)

Date: To be confirmed

Promoting the rule of law and ensuring equal access to justice for all are some key targets of SDG 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions. Hence, to bring about holistic development, it imperative for countries and relevant institutions to address the prevailing justice gap.

This webinar would be an opportunity to engage with the World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2020, a leading source of independent data on the rule of law. It relies on household surveys and opinions of legal practitioners from 128 countries and jurisdictions to understand how the rule of law is experienced and perceived worldwide. In conducting the analysis, the Index stresses on eight factors including Criminal Justice, Civil Justice and Regulatory Enforcement[1]. Top-performing countries in the region like Malaysia have recorded significant improvement and score above the global average on these justice factors. This highlights the role of judiciaries on this subject. Hence, the webinar will hold a discussion on ways to develop court excellence in the region, as a means to uphold the rule of law and improve access to justice for all.

[1] “WJP Rule of Law Index 2020: Global Press Release”, World Justice Project, 11 March 2020

Challenges and opportunities of new technologies for judicial integrity 

Date: To be confirmed

In the Bangkok Declaration of November 2019, the Council of ASEAN Chief Justices (CACJ) acknowledged the need to build capacity of judges and legal practitioners on AI and emerging technological trends. Supporting this inclination in the region, the webinar seeks to engage with the opportunities for court excellence rooted in embracing AI and Big Data.

The discussion would focus on how relevant stakeholders of the justice system would be affected by the trend. In doing so, the following questions would be addressed:

  • Would public policy frameworks and regulations have to undergo alterations?
  • Would private law firms face major challenges in adapting to the new practices?
  • To what extent would citizen’s access to justice be eased? From the people’s perspective, would it act as a leveller or instead increase the risk of access to justice being reserved for the elite or privileged sections of the society?

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Liviana Zorzi
Project Specialist, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

Sarah McCoubrey
Judicial Integrity Consultant, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub 


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