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NEWS | Tsunami Education Vital to Saving Lives in Myanmar Schools

18 June 2018: It was on December 26, 2004, when my friends heard a loud roar from the sea. Intrigued by the sound, they ran to the beach. When they saw a massive wave rushing towards them, it was too late to escape. The wave washed them away and we never saw them again,” recalled U Kan Sein, a Junior Assistant Teacher in Labutta Township, Myanmar. Read more>>



NEWS | Evacuation Drills Help Schools in Myanmar Be Ready for Natural Hazards

16 May 2018: The most tsunami-prone areas in Myanmar, Labutta and Ngaputaw townships, are preparing their schools for natural disasters. More than 170 students learnt about tsunami warning signs, mapped hazard zones and safe areas around their schools, got practical first-aid skills and practiced safe evacuation. Read more>>



NEWS | Myanmar Hosts First Tsunami Drills in Schools

29 January 2018: School evacuation drills in the outskirts of Yangon mobilized more than 300 students, teachers and principals to participate in a tsunami evacuation activities and assess the schools’ emergency preparedness. The evacuation drills were organized following a fictional scenario of a earthquake-prompted tsunami warning. Read more>>



NEWS | Myanmar among 18 Asia-Pacific Countries to Participate in a Regional Tsunami Preparedness Project

10 July 2017 - Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Asia-Pacific. The project is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and funded by the Government of Japan. Read more>>


Project Countries:

Project Donor

Project Update

Final Results in Myanmar:

students, teachers and members of school administration have participated in the drills

schools have organized tsunami education, developed evacuation plans, conducted drills


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