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NEWS | Schools on Andaman Coast on Alert with Regular Drills

09 January 2019: “Tsunami drills need to be conducted regularly since new students are enrolled every year. With nearly 1,000 schools in Thailand at risk, the need to scale up exponentially is a challenge,” said Lovita Ramguttee, UNDP Thailand’s deputy resident representative to The Nation, English-language daily newspaper in Thailand. “Once the tsunami safety guidelines are built into the school system, the sustanablility of actions is guaranteed even when one school head retires and someone else comes in. When students keep practising, it won't take them by surprise if a tsunami strikes again,” she said. Read more>>



BLOG | 13 Years Later: Is Thailand Better Prepared for Tsunamis?

21 August 2018: It was my first time to visit Phang Nga in southern Thailand, a province known for its exquisite islands and beautiful beaches. "It was hard to imagine that this very same place was submerged with flood water and debris when a tsunami struck the Andaman Sea coast in 2004," writes  Aticha Chaivichian, Tsunami Preparedness project coordinator, UNDP Thailand. Read more>>


BLOG | Leave No-one Behind: Why Disability Inclusion Matters

03 July 2018: Asia-Pacific, the world’s most disaster-prone region, is home to 650 million persons with disabilities. Due to their need for both regular and special support, disabled individuals are four times more likely to die in disasters. Read more>>


NEWS | Tsunami Drills Show that Students Can Play an Active Role in Their Own Emergency Response

11 June 2018:   Emergency education and drills held in five tsunami prone schools in Thailand focused on empowering students to take a more active role in tsunami preparedness and response. Read more>>


NEWS | Phang Nga Schools Hold Evacuation Drills for Tsunami Preparedness

12 January 2018 - Five schools in Phang Nga province in Thailand mobilized 1,717 students and teachers and tested schools’ readiness to respond to natural disasters. The drills included tsunami preparedness activities for students with disabilities, and involved parents and other community members. Read more>>


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students, teachers and members of school administration have participated in the drills

schools have organized tsunami education, developed evacuation plans, conducted drills


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