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VIDEO | NetViet Television Promotes Disaster Preparedness in Vietnamese Schools

20 September 2018: Vietnamese television channel NetViet produced a program to raise awareness on climate change and disaster preparedness in Vietnamese schools. “Most vulnerable to natural hazards are elderly, disabled and children. It is absolutely critical that children learn about disaster prevention in school that may potentially save their and their families’ lives in the future,” said Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam during the live interview. Watch TV Program >>



NEWS | Viet Nam to Integrate Disaster Prevention Education in the National School Curriculum

30 August 2018: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Education and Training launched a five-year programme to strengthen schools’ and students’ preparedness for natural hazards. "Disaster education helps students, teachers and communities work together and make informed decisions on how to respond to natural disasters,” said Nguyen Xuan Cuong, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.  Read more>>


NEWS | Disaster Preparedness Campaign Reveals Winners of Students' Drawing Competition

30 March 2018:  Disaster awareness campaign “Schools of Son Tinh” announced 12 winners of the drawing and painting competition today. Targeting school-age children, the competition attracted 310 students from Ha Noi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, where tsunami education and safety drills were conducted. Read more >>


NEWS | Vulnerable to Floods and Storms, Ho Chi Minh City Prepares Students for Natural Disasters

23 March 2018:  Over 1400 students in Binh Dong secondary school in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in Viet Nam practiced an emergency evacuation today to be ready for natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods and cyclones. Read more >>


NEWS | Inspired by the UNDP’s Tsunami  Project, Ninh Thuan Province Brings Safety Drills to All Schools

2 February 2018:  Ninh Thuan province in Viet Nam plans to conduct disaster education activities and evacuation drills in every school, prompted by the success of the disaster preparedness and tsunami drill training in Truong Van Ly secondary school. Read more >>


NEWS | In Typhoon-ravaged Viet Nam, Schoolchildren Learn Safe Evacuations

19 January 2018: Nearly 1,100 students in Truong Van Ly secondary school in Ninh Thuan province in Viet Nam practiced a safe evacuation drill today, to prepare for emergencies. Read more >>


VIDEO | Disaster Preparedness Education Saves Lives in Viet Nam

13 December 2018: Viet Nam’s 3,200-kilometres long coastline is battered by more than 10 storms every year, causing massive floods across the country. Watch here >>


PHOTO | Viet Nam Photos Displayed at the World Bosai Forum in Japan

29 November 2017: An interactive #90Drills photo exhibition at the World Bosai Forum in Japan featured photos from Viet Nam and six other countries to showcase tsunami education activities and safety drills in the Asia-Pacific region. Read more >>



NEWS | Disaster Preparedness Education through Folk Games

04 November 2017: On the occasion of World Tsunami Awareness Day, traditional games were organized around the Hoa Kiem Lake at the heart of Ha Noi city, to raise awareness on the risks of tsunamis and disaster prevention measures. Read more>>



NEWS | School and Children at the Centre of Disaster Risk Reduction

20 September 2017: “School-aged children and students can make a significant contribution to enhancing the awareness and preparedness of a community simply by sharing the knowledge with their family members,” Caitlin Wiesen, UNDP's Resident Representative in Viet Nam. Read more>> 



NEWS | Viet Nam among 18 Asia-Pacific Countries to Participate in a Regional Tsunami Preparedness Project

10 July 2017 - Japan Pledges $1.5 million for Tsunami Awareness and Disaster Risk Information in Asia-Pacific. The project is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and funded by the Government of Japan. Read more>>




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Final Results in Viet Nam:

students, teachers and members of school administration have participated in the drills

schools have organized tsunami education, developed evacuation plans, conducted drills


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