The digital COVID vaccine system in Bhutan that ensures no one is left behind

After Bhutan’s remarkably rapid and successful COVID-19 campaign of vaccinating more than 70 percent of the country’s population, managed by the innovative digital Bhutan Vaccine System supported by…  

20 Mobile HealthCare Teams Continue to Provide Essential Health Services to People in Need in Afghanistan

In the last few weeks, thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) flanked to Kabul from different parts of the country, especially from the north and north-eastern provinces as the conflict…  

Peace of mind

Trying to keep anxiety at bay in a global pandemic is no easy feat. For Youth Day, we asked United Creatives Ambassadors for their advice about how they keep their mental health in check.  

Level-up development? Game on.

From behaviour science to preventing violent extremism, UNDP explores the possibilities and limitations of digital development's newest trend.  

Part 2 - Recovery through Resilient Livelihoods: The Fisherfolks of Isla Manaet

In January 2021, two months after Rolly and Ulysses, UNDP was tapped by the Provincial Government to assist in rehabilitating livelihoods in severely affected areas in Albay.  

Recovery through Resilient Livelihoods: The Fisherfolks of Isla Manaet

When 64-year old fisher Julian Bata and his wife woke up in the wee hours of the morning on November 1, 2020, they were drawn into sharp consciousness by the violent howling of the wind against their…  

“Not cool, bro!” Meet the youth activists tackling digital misogyny

Catcalling. Revenge porn. Toxic masculinity. These influencers from Sri Lanka and the Maldives decided to do something about it.  

Fighting COVID-19 surges in South Asia

As wealthy countries expand their vaccination programmes and begin to emerge from lockdown, a second deadly wave of the virus has hit South Asia.  

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