Fighting one of the world's biggest killers during a pandemic

World Malaria Day is an occasion to take stock of our progress and the remaining challenges in the fight against one of the world’s biggest killers.  

The push and pull

For the Development Dialogues, read our case for the adoption of development approaches to tackle tough social challenges such as violent extremism.  

Peacebuilding in a Pandemic

For International Women's Day, meet the Bangsamoro Women Mediators taking on the challenge of being frontline responders to crises in their communities.  

Media matters for minorities

The youth dismantling harmful stereotypes about minority ethnic communities, with support from UNDP Thailand and the EU.  

As the 2004 tsunami remains only in memory, Thailand scales up school preparedness

Exactly 16 years ago on what began as a regular Sunday morning, Ban Bangak school, in beautiful Phang Nga province in Thailand, was quiet. The students were at home and some teachers were marking a…  

Thailand’s social entrepreneurs reinvent business-models, learn from mentors, to cope with COVID-19 slowdown

UNDP is leveraging its unique global network to support Thai social entrepreneurs by connecting them with more established counterparts abroad.  

Beach Cleanup: Surveying marine pollution on Timor Leste's south coast

A UNDP study of the sources and distribution of marine pollution during August and September found that the south coast was Timor Leste's most vulnerable area to the impacts of climate change and…  

Laos and the Deadly Legacy of a War

Laos has been left with the unfortunate plight of being the most bombed country per capita, even though it was not involved in the Viet Nam war.  

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