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  • Preventing Violent Extremism through Promoting Tolerance and Respect for Diversity in Asia

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  • Stories: Media matters for minorities

    The youth dismantling stereotypes in Thailand


  • Project Spotlight: BADHAHI

    A holistic messaging campaign aiming to promote social cohesion, tolerance and respect for diversity by UNDP Maldives, Ministry of Home Affairs and the EU.


  • Research: Entry and Exit Points

    A new report investigates factors that contribute towards violent extremism, and the actions required by states to prevent it.


  • Project Spotlight: Nur's Story

    A story about how extremists exploit notions of masculinity for their own means.


  • Research: Conflicting Identities

    How are harmful concepts of masculinity used to radicalize and recruit?


  • Project Spotlight: ExtremeLives

    Documentary films on identity, conflict, and extremism.


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Through a series of multi-country projects in partnership with the European Union, UNDP is utilizing a human rights-based approach to preventing violent extremism. More



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Operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Maldives*, our projects also benefit from regional expertise through the Bangkok Regional Hub. Learn more about our national-level initiatives here.


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The NVC project encompasses two essential aspects related to the prevention of hate speech as well as the promotion of social cohesion through media.

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UNDP and the European Union are calling on youth leaders, influencers, and creators to promote peace through digital action by joining a new regional programme in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

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UNDP Maldives, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment, the European Union and Oredoo are delighted to announce the launch of a new exhibition.

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A new creative programme to engage top youth leaders to promote peace through digital action in Sri Lanka and the Maldives has been launched.


The Youth Vision workshop aims to provide a safe space for youth to engage in dialogue about important societal issues without fear of being a voice lost in the wind.


UNDP and UNICEF are proud to join hands with the Government of Maldives to empower the youth in Maldives

This project is supported by the European Union.


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