National Activities


BADHAHI, the Maldives

A holistic messaging campaign aiming to promote social cohesion, tolerance & respect for diversity by UNDP Maldives, Ministry of Home Affairs and EU. Learn more


Communications Training for Indigneous Peoples, Thailand

Stateless and indigenous youth learn how to defend their human rights, and dispel harmful stereotypes about minority communities in Thailand. Learn more


Youth Vision: An Art Workshop, the Maldives

Creating a space for youth to meaningfully engage with each other while building their leadership skills and critical thinking through art and creativity. Learn more


Festiversities, Indonesia

In partnership with Indika Foundation, UNDP has been conducting a series of successful workshops and events called Festivals of Diversity - colloquially named "Festiversities" - throughout Indonesia. Learn more


Youth Co:Lab: Respect Difference, Embrace Diversity, Thailand

A dynamic programme for young entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to pitch their solutions for peace. Those with the top ideas receive funding to make their solutions come alive. Learn more


The Young Content Creator Project, Thailand

Broadcasters Thai PBS and UNDP came together to provide a media training programme for young content creators brimming with the creative power to build understanding around issues of diversity. Learn more


Youth Filmmakers celebrating Bangsamoro history, culture and identity, the Philippines

The second 'Datu A Bantogen Sa Ranaw' festival encourages Lanao del Sur youth to promote their community’s tourism, history and culture, peacebuilding initiatives and activities, and the SDGs through film. Learn more


'No Hate' campaign, Thailand

Our words have incredible power. This anti-bullying campaign on social media highlights how some jokes might be funny to some, but hurtful to others. Learn more



Peace Heroes, the Philippines

UNDP Philippines partnered with Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM) to support the Peace Heroes Formation Program: Building a Citizenry of Peace Heroes. Learn more


Women Insider Mediators Platform, the Philippines

UNDP Philippines has been focusing on building and strengthening insider mediation capacities among women involved in conflict-prevention and management roles at the community level. Learn more


Intrafaith Dialogue, the Philippines

Convenors from different faith-based organizations are strengthening their roles in building community resilience to violence and promoting peace in Bangsamoro communities. Learn more