Regional Activities


Entry and Exit Points: Violent Extremism and South-East Asia

What drives extremism in the region? This five-part study demonstrates the push and pull factors behind violent extremism in South-East Asia and the actions states must take in order to prevent it. Learn more



A series of documentary films exploring issues of identity, diversity and discrimination. Learn more


United Creatives

Youth change-makers unite! An online programme for youth leaders on designing digital content that ends hate speech in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Learn more

Creators Against COVID

We're all spending much more time online due to the coronavirus pandemic - and with that comes an increase in misinformation about the virus and discrimination. This group of YouTubers took a stand. Learn more


Conflicting Identities: The Nexus between Masculinities, Femininities and Violent Extremism

How do gender identies, roles and stereotypes plays into violent extremism? Learn more


YouTube Creators for Change

One view can create change. Together with Google, UNDP has been supporting YouTube creators on their journey to become ambassadors of social change. Learn more