Accelerating Achievement of MDGs by Ways and Means of Economic and Social Rights

Published on 24 Aug 2012


This publication is the result of more than a year of discussions and exchanges on a variety of themes centered on what UNDP regards as its core mandate: the human development agenda. As the 2015 target date for the MDGs is rapidly approaching, and as efforts are underway to “accelerate” progress on various targets and indicators around the world, the debate about global development goals has already moved towards looking beyond 2015. 


This collection of essays is aimed at offering insights into innovative and practical ways and means of realizing human rights, linked as they are to the MDGs primarily through social and economic rights, but also through the broader human rights context where the Millennium Declaration set development goals which later became known as the MDGs. The publication contributes to the debates among those thinking ahead of a future set of development goals and to also offer concrete guidance and inspiration to development practitioners in the field, in particular those working in areas related to the MDGs. The document is targeted at national government and non-governmental development experts equally as to those working in UN agencies, or other governmental or non-governmental organizations.

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